Philipp Heinrich Molther was born in Alsace, France in 1714. At Jena, where he studied theology, he joined the Moravian Brethren in 1737, and went to London 1739. His differences with the Wesleys led to the dissolution of the original Fetter-Lane Society in the year 1740 and he helped establish connexionalism as now practiced by Methodist churches around the world.

He was minister of the Brethren’s congregation at Neuwied from 1750 to 1761, and spent the rest of his life 1762-1780 in Dublin and Bedford. In 1775 he was consecrated as bishop of the Brethren’s Unity.

He has translated:

5 Frölich soll mein Herze springen
13 O Welt, sieh hier dein Leben
25 Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt