1. How shall I meet my Saviour?
    How shall I welcome Thee?
    What Manner of Behaviour
    Is now requir’d of me?
    Let thine Illumination
    Set Heart and Hands aright,
    That this my Preparation
    Be pleasing in thy Sight.
  2. Thy Sion’s strowing Flowers
    For Thee to tread upon;
    I’ll raise with all my Powers
    More Notes than Unison,
    To praise the King of Glory
    With Psalms of Melody,
    T’improve the Sacred Story
    In Rhimes and Harmony.
  3. What hast thou not devised,
    Lord! to retrieve my Loss,
    When I was so disguised
    By Sin, and Hellish Dross;
    The Sense of lost Salvation
    Quite drove me to Despair,
    But thy own Incarnation
    Brought my Redemption near.
  4. I lay in Fetters groaning,
    Thou cam’st to set me free;
    My Shame I was bemoaning,
    With Grace thou cloathedst me
    And raisest me to Glory,
    Endow’st me with thy Bliss,
    Which is not transitory
    As worldly Treasure is.
  5. What caus’d thy Incarnation?
    What brought Thee down to me?
    Thy Love to my Salvation
    Contriv’d my Liberty.
    O Love, beyond Expression!
    Wherewith thou dost embrace
    Mankind in its Digression
    From Thee, the Source of Grace.
  6. Let this Consideration
    Chear up your troubled Heart,
    Ye Sons of Desolation!
    That feel the sinful Smart;
    Take Courage, your Salvation
    Stands waiting at the Door,
    The Gospel Consolation
    Is nearer than before.
  7. You need not strive nor labour
    With any Human Strength
    To draw his Love and Favour
    To you desired Length;
    He comes and shews how willing
    He is to bless you all,
    The Law he is fulfilling
    To save you from the Fall.
  8. Be not cast down, nor frighted
    At Sin, tho’ ne’er so great;
    No! Jesus is delighted
    The Greatest Guilt t’abate.
    He comes to raise all Sinners
    From Death to Life and Bliss,
    And make us new Beginners
    To taste what Jesus is.
  9. You dare not fear the Clamour
    Of Satan and his Clan,
    The Word, his pow’rful Hammer,
    Destroys their wicked Plan.
    He comes as King of Glory,
    Whose Nod confounds their Host;
    He carries all before ye,
    And baffles all their Boast.
  10. He comes to pass his Sentence
    On all his Enemies.
    But those of True Repentance
    Shall meet with Love and Peace.
    Come Prince of Grace and Wonder!
    Fetch thy Beloved Home,
    Reveal thy Glories yonder,
    Thy longing Spouse says: Come!