1. Lord, how shall I receive Thee
    Thou joy of all the earth,
    What entertainment give Thee
    Befitting Thy great worth?
    O kindle, Jesu, Jesu,
    Thy lamp within my breast,
    And show me how to please Thee,
    And entertain Thee best.

  2. When Sion came to meet Thee,
    She strewed Thy way with palms,
    And I would also greet Thee
    With joyful songs and psalms;
    My heart, fresh trophies bringing
    To scatter on Thy way.
    Shall break forth into singing.
    And praise Thee night and day.

  3. What comfort have I wanted
    Thy pity could bestow,
    When soul and body panted
    Beneath their weight of woe?
    When from me had been taken
    My dream of earthly bliss,
    Thou camest to awaken
    A better joy than this.

  4. When left to pine and languish
    In bonds and misery,
    ‘Twas Thou who saw’st my anguish,
    And came to set me free.
    Thou raisedst me to honour,
    And gav’st me riches too,
    Which fly not from their owner,
    As earthly riches do.

  5. Naught, naught but true compassion,
    And pure unbounded love,
    Drew Thee, for our salvation.
    From Thy bright realms above;
    A love which comprehended
    Within its wide embrace
    A world which had offended,
    The sins of all our race.

  6. Let this be plainly written,
    Ye mourners, on your heart,
    When it is forely smitten,
    And wrung with keenest smart;
    Fear not, nor be dejected,
    Your Helper is at hand,
    The Saviour long expected
    E’en at the door doth stand.

  7. Ye need not so bestir you,
    And labour day and night,
    As though to draw Him near you
    By your own strength and might.
    He comes, He comes with healing
    For all the countless woes
    Which human hearts are feeling,
    Whereof He so well knows.

  8. Nor need the sins which grieve you
    Your trembling souls appal;
    No, Jesus will forgive you,
    His grace can hide them all.
    He comes to bring salvation
    To every contrite heart,
    On earth sweet consolation,
    In heaven a better part.

  9. What though the proud blasphemer
    Both threats and wiles employ,
    A word from your Redeemer
    Shall him at once destroy.
    He comes, He comes with glory
    And majesty arrayed,
    Great kings shall bow before Him,
    His foes all flee dismayed.

  10. He comes to judge the scorners
    Who have despised His grace,
    And comfort pious mourners
    Who humbly feek His face.
    Ah! come, sweet Sun, and light us
    To those bright realms above,
    And with Thyself unite us,
    Who art all Light and Love.