Translation of Gerhardt’s stanzas 1, 2, 7, 8, and 10.

  1. Oh, how shall I receive Thee:
    how meet Thee on Thy way
    Blest hope of every nation;
    my soul’s delight and stay!
    O Jesu ! Jesu ! give me,
    now by Thy own pure light,
    To know whate’er is pleasing,
    and welcome in Thy sight.
  2. Thy Sion palms is strewing,
    and branches fresh and fair;
    My heart to praise awaking,
    her anthem shall prepare.
    Perpetual thanks and praises,
    forth from my heart shall spring;
    to Thy name the service
    of all my powers will bring.
  3. O ye who sorrow, sinking
    beneath your grief and pain,
    Rejoice in His appearing
    who shall your souls sustain:
    He comes, He comes with gladness:
    how great is His good-will!
    He comes; all grief and anguish
    shall at His word be still.
  4. Ye who with guilty terror
    are trembling, fear no more:
    With love and grace the Saviour
    shall you to hope restore.
    He comes: He comes, who sinners
    shall with the children place,
    The children of His Father,
    the heirs of life and grace!
  5. He comes! the Lord to judgment!
    His foes His wrath shall feel:
    To those who love and seek Him,
    that day will grace reveal.
    Descend, descend, O Saviour!
    and gather us to Thee,
    That in the light eternal
    our joyous home may be.