Omits stanzas 3, 4, 7, and 9.

  1. Ah! Lord, how shall I meet Thee,
    How welcome Thee aright?
    All nations long to greet Thee,
    My hope, my sole delight!
    Brighten the lamp that burneth
    But dimly in my breast,
    And teach my soul, that yearneth
    To honour such high guest.

  2. Thy Zion strews before Thee
    Her fairest buds and palms,
    And I too will adore Thee
    With sweetest songs and psalms;
    My soul breaks forth in flowers
    Rejoicing in Thy fame,
    And summons all her powers
    To honour Jesus’ name.

  3. Nought, nought, dear Lord, could move Thee
    To leave Thy rightful place
    Save love, for which I love Thee;
    A love that could embrace
    A world where sorrow dwelleth,
    Which sin and suffering fill,
    More than the tongue e’er telleth;—
    Yet Thou couldst love it still!

  4. O ye sad hearts that sicken
    With hope deferred, and see
    The gloom around you thicken,
    The joys ye hoped for flee,—
    Despair not, He is near you,
    Yea, at the very door,
    Who best can help and cheer you,
    He will not linger more.

  5. Nor sin shall make you fearful,
    Ashamed to see His face,
    The contrite heart and tearful
    He covers with His grace;
    He comes to heal the spirit
    That moumeth sin-oppressed,
    And raise us to inherit
    With Him our proper rest.

  6. He comes to judge the nations,
    A terror to His foes,
    A light of consolations
    And blessed hope to those
    Who love the Lord’s appearing:
    O glorious Sun, now come,
    Send forth Thy beams of cheering
    And guide us safely home!