Found in both the Supplement to German Psalmody, 1765, p. 4, and Select Hymns from German Psalmody, Tranquebar, 1754, p. 7.

  1. Now let each humble creature
    Adore the God of nature,
    For his kind preservation
    And daily new creation.
  2. We stretch our life and wander
    From year to year, and yonder
    We live, keep on improving,
    Till date and year’s removing.
  3. Thro’ pains, thro’ wants and errors,
    Thro’ dismal wars and terrors,
    Thro’ crosses, strifes and hurry,
    That seem the world to worry.
  4. As in tempestuous weathers
    The kind and carefull mothers,
    With nature’s swift affection
    Run to their babes protection.
  5. No less our heav’nly lover
    Is present with his cover,
    When stormy winds are blowing,
    To save his children going.
  6. Great guardian of our being,
    In vain is our foreseeing,
    With all our best care-taking,
    Except thine eyes be waking.
  7. Blest be thy gracious favour,
    Each morn renews its favour;
    Blest be the hands asswaging
    All heart-akes ne’er so raging.
  8. Hear, father, our petition,
    Relieve our weak condition
    Be still the source of gladness
    In all our grief and sadness.
  9. Grant all thy true sojourners
    And heavy laden mourners,
    That own thy visitations,
    An heart endo’d with patience.
  10. Remove our sad disorders,
    And make in all our borders
    Thy peace and truth together
    To meet and kiss each other.
  11. Lord grant thy benedictions
    To all good thoughts and actions,
    To youth, and age declining,
    Thy gracious sun be shining.
  12. Be thou the orphan’s father;
    The straying draw together;
    Relieve the poor and scanty,
    To all in want give plenty.
  13. Heal all, the sick and wounded;
    The souls that are surrounded
    With fearful thoughts and terrors,
    Lord, rescue from their errors.
  14. But chiefly grant thy Spirit,
    Thro’ Christ’s all saving merit,
    To fill us with such graces
    As lead to thine embraces.
  15. All this, we pray, be giving,
    O life of all that’s living!
    To us and all that favor
    Thy New Year’s gift and favor.