In the Moravian Hymn Book, 1789, no. 507 (1849, no. 1106). Altered version of “Now Let Each Humble Creature” and beginning, “Year after year commenceth.” Omits stanzas 2, 3, 6–10, 12, 13.

  1. Year after year commenceth,
    And, as our life advanceth,
    We, strength from Christ deriving,
    Each year by faith are thriving.
  2. As, in tempestuous weather,
    A kind and tender mother
    Her babe from harm protecteth,
    And safely home conducteth;
  3. So shelters Christ our Saviour
    His children by his favor,
    And proves in each temptation
    Their refuge and salvation.
  4. Lord, grant thy benediction
    To ev’ry thought and action;
    On youth and age declining,
    Thou Sun of grace be shining.
  5. O keep our souls and senses
    Under the influences
    Of thy most Holy Spirit,
    Until we heav’n inherit.
  6. O God of our salvation,
    Withhold no kind donation
    From us, but let us savor
    In this new year thy favor.