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  1. Now let us come and go
    with singing and praying
    to the Lord our life,
    who has given us strength up to this point.
  2. We journey to and fro and wander
    from one year to the next,
    we live and thrive
    from the old to the new;
  3. through so much fear and plagues,
    through shivering and trembling,
    through war and great horrors,
    that cover the whole world.
  4. For just like faithful mothers
    in severe storms
    here on earth, the little children
    are diligently protected:
  5. So also, at the very least,
    God keeps his children
    [safe] sitting on his lap
    when distress and tribulation strike.
  6. O Protector of our lives,
    everything we do and make
    is surely in vain
    unless your eyes watch over.
  7. Blessed is your faithfulness,
    which is new each morning,
    Praise be to your strong hands,
    which mend our heartache.
  8. We ask you, O Father, that you
    remain of fountain of joy
    in the midst of our sufferings
    and the cross we bear.
  9. Give me and all those
    whose hearts yearn
    for you and your favor,
    a heart that is patient.
  10. Close the gates of lament
    and let streams of joy
    flow over 
all the places
    that have endured so much bloodshed.
  11. Give your gentle blessing
    to all of our ways,

    and let the radiance of your grace
    shine on both great and small.
  12. Be a father for the abandoned,
    counselor for the guilty,
gift for those without aid,
    and a possession for the poor.
  13. Be a gracious help to all who are sick
    and give cheerful thoughts
to the afflicted souls
    that are tormented with sadness.
  14. And finally, most importantly of all,
    fill us with your Spirit,
    that he may adorn us with splendor
    and lead us heavenward.
  15. Grant all this,
    O Life of my life,
    to me and to the multitudes of Christians
    this blessed new year.