Omits stanzas 6, 7, 9–11.

  1. With notes of joy and songs of praise,
    To God we now draw near,
    The Source and Author of our days,
    Our Guide from year to year.
  2. We live and move and journey on,
    And hasten on our way,
    Through ending years, and years begun,
    Advancing day by day.
  3. Through anguish sore, and sorrow, pain,
    Through fearfulness and woe,
    Through wars that shake the earth again,
    We onward bravely go.
  4. As by a faithful mother’s care,
    When days of trial come,
    He guards His earthly children here,
    And leads them safely home.
  5. And on our Heavenly Father’s breast,
    And in His bosom laid,
    His trembling sheep find welcome rest:
    “‘Tis I, be not afraid!”
  6. We futher supplicate Thy will,
    And voice of prayer employ:
    ‘Mid all our sorrows be Thou still
    The Source of all our joy!
  7. The weary, burdened pilgrims bless,
    The erring ones restore,
    Thou Father of the fatherless,
    Thou Helper of the poor!
  8. Heal Thou the sick, and help the sad,
    Give thoughts of blessed peace;
    The souls that are cast down make glad
    With holy joyfulness!
  9. And more than all Thy gifts in worth
    Be Thy good Spirit giv’n,
    To beautify our souls on earth,
    And guide us safe to heav’n!
  10. Whate’er we do, where’er we go,
    Thou Life of life be near;
    And more than all we ask, bestow,
    And bless this glad New Year!