Omits stanzas 3 and 10.

  1. Christians all, with one accord,
    Come and sing before the Lord,
    Who for us so long hath cared,
    and our lives in mercy spared!
  2. Thus from year to year we live,
    Store and basket yearly thrive,
    Old years go, and new ones come,
    Yet no ill befalls our home.
  3. As, when thunder rolls on high,
    Mothers watch the threatening sky,
    Hug their babes with fond caress,
    Closer still and closer press:

  4. So doth God with tender love
    Guard his children from above,
    Lets them, when dark storms are nigh,
    To his wings for shelter fly.

  5. If our Watchman shut his eyes,
    Late to rest and early rise,
    Precious time, and toil, and cost,
    Are but wealth and labour lost.

  6. God his goodness doth renew
    Day by day, like morning dew;
    Still performs a Father’s part,
    Sooths the anguish of the heart.

  7. When we cry, O Father, hear!
    Help us every cross to bear;
    When the world’s cold looks annoy,
    Be a living Spring of joy.

  8. Give to us, and give to all
    Who on Thee sincerely call,
    Who thy grace with longing seek,
    Patient hearts, good, loving, meek!

  9. Let thy grace illume our days,
    Bless and prosper all our ways;
    Early rain bestow and late
    On the small and on the great!

  10. To the orphans Father be,
    Sight to those who cannot see;
    Be Thou Riches to the poor,
    To the houseless open Door!

  11. Lord, in sickness make our bed,
    Raise the faint and drooping head;
    When the road seems drear and long,
    Cheer us on with grateful song.

  12. Lastly, what we need the most,
    Fill us with the Holy Ghost,
    Who will earthly wants provide,
    And to heaven our footsteps guide.

  13. Sow in every heart good seed,
    Give to each what each may need!
    Thus to Christians far and near
    Bless this new and happy year!